These are some of the exercises that my patients find most helpful. You can listen to them here, download the files from the text in green or download them all directly to your iPhone when the App is released on Monday March 30th.


The Fingers

The Fingers is the number one mindfulness technique that my patients pick up most quickly, use regularly and never forget. The reason is simple – it works! Fantastic for sleep difficulties and quickly soothing.


The Fingers – With Intro


The Traffic Lights

The Traffic Lights is a simple three step process that you can learn to strengthen and soothe your relationship with your mind and body. An excellent way to calm yourself down after stressful events, it is equally useful for getting clear on how you feel and starting the process of defining what you need.


The Traffic Lights – With Intro


The Body Scan

The Body Scan is one of the best known intoductions to meditation. It is a passive practice where you allow your mind to track individual body parts as named. Watch as your mind slows down by building trust in the practice of following this simple tour of the body.


The Body Scan